Terms and conditions:

1. To enter competition, participants should register on website first.

2. Participants should enter the competition with their own cow.

3. The cow that produces the most milk will be in first place and win the grand prize (worth 20,000AED), the cow in second place will receive the second place prize (worth 19,000AED), and the cow in third place will receive the third place prize (worth 18,000AED).

4. The competition’s judge, the first Emirati woman Vet working with ADAFSA, will be the only decision maker and the only judge to choose the winners.

5. Accommodation will be provided for cows on site.

6. Accommodation for handlers will not be provided on site – they will be required to come on site on 22nd, 25th and 26th at communicated time by the organizer.

7. Cows will be milked twice and measured by volume of milk at the same time.

8. Milking machines will be provided if required.

9. The competition starts on January 20th and ends on January 26th.

10. The competition will be held at Al Ain Farms.

11. The Handlers and the representatives of the participants will receive an access card provided by Al Ain Farms that will be used for daily access to site.

12. Each participating cow will receive a separate holding pen, water and accommodation.

13. Each participating cow will be attended by a veterinary team provided by Al Ain Farms.

14. Al Ain Farms will be able to provide the food for cows with consent of their handlers - under a condition the handlers sign off limitation of liability to any impact on cows health that may result from change of diet.

15. In case the handlers do not sign the consent form for the food provided by Al Ain Farms, the handlers will have to bring in their own food and feed the cows on site - in any case, Al Ain Farms will not be liable for any diet changes impact to the cow’s health.

16. Participants can compete with unlimited number of cows of their choosing.

17. Al Ain Farms reserves the right to offer to purchase the top 10 winning cows at the following values. 1st place (AED 50,000), 2nd place (AED 40,000), 3rd place (AED 30,000) and 4th to 10th place (AED 20,000).